About Us

TEAM SidekickGPS

First and foremost we are parents with teen drivers. We understand your concerns.

Our company has spent years training and equipping some of the largest fleet operators with information and tools to reduce risk. We have applied this knowledge, along with our own concerns as parents, to create SidekickGPS

Hoping our children make good decisions leaves plenty to chance, but SidekickGPS allows us as parents to teach our new teen drivers by replaying visual recreations of the days driving events. This feedback allows for identification of situations in which the new driver can improve their safety on the road.

Who We Are

Plain and simple, we are parents of teen drivers. Backed by LPI, an industry leading GPS fleet management company. At SidekickGPS we have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to bring a simple yet effective product to the market that gives parents of new teen drivers the peace of mind and a great coaching tool for the most affordable price.